Special dyes ::: Polare

The dye POLARE you can get on garments made with both carded and combed yarns, wool, cotton or mixed; you will have colouristic aspects, visual and "touch" very different even varying subtleties, tensions and points jersey ... all then allowing customization of the artifacts.
Especially when applied to carded yarns, it takes on a "velor" and gives off a feeling of softness and warmth.
The POLARE is a dye by immersion, which therefore differs from prints and spraying;  the color you have softly on the surface of the garment while the interior and possible areas folded, remains much more clear and nuanced ... just coloured in transparency.  The superficial parts and thick mesh of points or the construction of the garment, stand out with a higher intensity of colour.
The procedure is  artisan dyeing and the garments, despite being homogeneous, may present marked differences from each other.

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