Special dyes ::: Nuvola e Brinato

The dyes "NUVOLA" and "BRINATO" are the result of extensive research aimed at obtaining an effect on vintage garments woolen fibers (cashmere, wool, also blended with silk) that is not "aged" with post-treatment dyes discoloration.
This leaves intact in their lightness and softness garments made with the most precious yarns.
The effect characteristic of this dye is highlighted to varying voltages, the knit stitches and the zones of greater thickness.
To achieve medium and dark tones where you want a fuller colour, the dye will be "NUVOLA", in lighter colours or where you want the colour to remain more "superficial" the dye called "BRINATO". We suggest to every nuance and type of yarn, the choice between the two dyes well that coexist even in a single sample.
The procedure is  artisan dyeing and the garments, despite being homogeneous, may present different shades from each other.

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