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The dyeing company Ferrini was founded in 1972, specialized in the finishing dyeing of yarns and knitted garments.
Our competence has increased over time with the level of excellence in all dyeing technologies, with a special attention to high quality fibers such as extra-fine yarns hanks, cashmere flock, cashmere knitwear and cashmere/silk.
Fulling and washing increased knitwear’s value.

More attention is given to research, service and technical advice at high level with constant and important investments in sophisticated production systems and staff training.
Thanks to specialized dyers and advanced systems, we have an excellent execution at departments without lose the “artisan” character that marks the company from 40 years.

The Laboratory of Research, Development and Control is essential for industrial processes’ improvement.
High quality and originality are guaranteed from research of new treatments and effects.

With computer processes, all departments and workings are connected.
Technicians can control all workings with a modern control system for deying processes.
Management and programming software makes an efficient and faultless service.

Respect for the environment is very important for the company: there’s a steady control and support of production systems steam, sewage, waste management and safety of employees. Water used, is carefully purified for ecosystem’s respect and to have lower environmental impact. In this way the company confirms its attention on the quality of life.
Ferrini s.r.l.
Via Bufaloro, 25 - 06089 Torgiano PG - IT
Partita IVA 00488900549
Tel. (+39) 075 988 00 79 Fax (+39) 075 988 00 82
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