News ::: Tinctoria: the colors’ culture. The exhibit of Cariaggi
Tinctoria: the colors’ culture. The exhibit of Cariaggi

Cariaggi Fine Yarns have paid homage to the vegetable colors with the exhibit “Tinctoria: The Colors' Culture”. The Company, established with Florence Municipal's sponsorship, on boundary of the Advanced Cultural District Project of Marche Region, with collaboration of Fine Arts Authority and Marche View, Adriatico Bank and Oasicolori, have created the exposition during the summer trade show Pitti 2015.
The exhibit have been in the Tapestry Restoration's Laboratory set in the tower of Palazzo Vecchio, in Florence.
It have been possible to be present at the restoration of flemish tapestry “La Battaglia di Roncisvalle”: is an artifact that come from Bargello Museum of Florence.
The color's history have been rediscovery with its traditions, handicraft, modernity; a special consideration for Guado plant: it have an amazing story to tell. The city of Florence  have been selected to recreate a connection that is begun with Marche region in the last centuries, when Guado plant was marketed above all in Tuscany.
The exhibit , during Pitti 2015 was composed from 8 section, each one of these dedicated to an historic period or a specific topic.
These sections was enriched from images, video, music and objects, proof of the importance of colors in the society and for creation of big artistic, textile and painting heritage.
Soon, the exposition will be prepare at Palazzo Ducale di Urbino
The dyeing company Ferrini have made the technical development of dyeings.

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